These are a unique kind of cleaning services, in which I implement energy work. This is a healing benefit for home, office, pets and plants.

I prefer to use environmentally friendly cleaning products, whenever possible. Extreme jobs may require chemicals, for first time/one time cleanings, only.

While I am very good at cleaning and I do offer a wide range of basic cleaning services, including clutter-clearing and organizing, the primary focus of these services is on the energy consciousness part.

Creating a strong, positive flow of peaceful, healing energy is the ultimate goal and cleanliness is helpful for the entire process to be as  successful, as possible.

The following is an explanation of what it means to be "Energy Conscious" and an illustration of energy affecting matter.
Being energy conscious is about having an awareness of the energy around us and paying close attention to what kind of energy we are putting out into our environments. Everything in existence is some form of energy.
Modern science acknowledges that the human body is made up of an energy field, and that the world is a dynamic web of inseparable energy patterns. Einstein's famous equation, E = mc2, teaches us that matter and energy are interchangeable, merely different forms of the same thing. Einstein proved that everything is energy and  everything in the universe is connected. All forms of energy interact and influence all others. If we are conscious of the energy we have the opportunity, the ability and the responsibility, to influence it and direct it in a positive way. Doing so can bring about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.
Masaru Emoto is a scientist who studies the effects that word energy, music energy, photographic energy and prayer energy have on water.

Here are two pictures that demonstrate the effects of word energy. These are the result of typing words onto paper, then taping the paper onto glass bottles, full of untreated distilled water and leaving them to sit overnight.
"Thank you"
"You make me sick, I want to kill you!"
Here is yet another way to illustrate this point.
Below, are two electrocardiogram readings. These record the energy emitted by the human heart. The one on the left shows the heart energy of a person thinking positive thoughts and having sincere feelings of love.
The one on the right is typical of a person who is feeling angry and frustrated.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, however, it can be transformed- as illustrated by these two pictures.
Polluted water from Fujiwara Dam, Japan                               
The same water after prayer
It's important to note that most living tissue is composed of some amount of water, up to and even exceeding 90%. The human body is 60% water, or more. So, after seeing the effects of word energy on water, imagine the impact our words, attitudes and behaviors are having on the people close to us and by extension, on our entire planetary system.
Every culture has it's own word to describe The Universal Life Force Energy because this Vital Energy exists within all things. In China they call it Qi and in Japan Ki. In the West we translate these to Chi. It's known as Hucha and Sami in Peru. In India it's known as Prana; Orenda, is the word used by Native American, Iroquois. In Hebrew it is called Ruasch and in Hawaiian and Polynesian culture it is called Mana. My Christian up-bringing taught me to see it as Light.

Throughout the world there are many different systems of energy work. I may only know of a few.  If you know of others I'd be interested to learn of them. Reiki is an ancient Japanese system and is the basis of my own practice.  Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch are two. Qigong, Quantum Touch, laying-on of hands and Vibrational Medicine are a few more.
Feng Shui, house blessing ond house cleansing are also forms of energy work. However, these are concentrated specifically on environments.

For more info on Masaru Emoto and his
experiments with water crystals. Go here:

The ECG graphs, posted above, can be found
within the body of an article titled "The Electricity of Touch: Detection and
measurement of cardiac energy exchange between people." You can read this
article here:

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