Energy Healing Can:

~Help you sleep better
~ Reduce stress, depression & anxiety
~ Improve your overall sense of well-being
~ Release emotional & physical trauma
~ Increase energy 
~ Ease pain
~focus concentration
~ help you to feel grounded and balanced
~ Improve overall health
~ Manage & clear symptoms of chronic illness
~ Assist personal growth
~ Provide rapid relaxation

Energy Healing is a gentle and effective therapy that uses the practitioner's hands and consciousness to influence the health of another at physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual levels. Unlike chemicals and surgery, energy healing provides benefits with no adverse side effects! It aids in stress management, by relaxing the body and mind, and can help with head and body aches. It can also provide improved healing capability and pain relief. Cancer patients find it helps with the rigors of chemotherapy and radiation.
Pets also respond well, to Energy Medicine. It affects them in the same way it does people.
Energy Work can be used, to clear negative energies and entities, from within homes and places of business, as well. I offer a House Blessing service where I use Energy Work in conjunction with a Native American smudging ceremony, to purify and protect your space.
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The famous Dr. Oz, has allowed the use of Reiki during open heart surgeries and heart transplant operations
Dr. Oz says: "Reiki has become a sought-after healing art among patients and mainstream medical professionals."
~ Mara ~ age 15
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He has also promoted Reiki on his own television show as well as on the Oprah Winfrey show. 
Angie is my step-mom and I came over one day to pick up my stuff (very discreatly and quietly) as she was doing a Reiki session. My mom was being very unpleasant to me on the car ride there. As I walked into the house my anger toward my mother was absolutely gone and when I got back in the car my mom was fine as well. It was a very outrageous experience. I like spending time over there because it has a very positive vibe.
This is the best testimonial ever!
It demonstrates the power and the reach of this amazing energy!
You decide the value. Pay whatever you feel it's worth and what you can afford.
I also accept barter of useful goods and services.
Please be aware....
Energy Healing is a treatment method that is meant to complement and enhance traditional medicine. Please do NOT discontinue medical treatment or disregard medical advise. I strongly advise that you continue seeing your doctor and following your prescribed treatment plan, while using Energy Work to assist in the healing process.
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These sessions include any or all of the services described below.

ENERGY WORK WITH CRYSTALS ~ I am a certified Reiki practitioner, since 2001. I have utilized this energy, consciously and deliberately, in every facet of my life, every day since. My specialty is on places and pets and plants and has been used in conjunction with my Good Vibes Cleaning business for 15 years. I have been working with crystals for even longer than that and am excited to bring them into my healing work.

DOWSING WITH PENDULUM and CHART BOOK ~ My focus with this tool is on healing of mind, body and spirit. I have charts that can help to target specific issues that need healing and other charts that can offer suggestions for how to bring about that healing. I WILL NOT use this tool to answer questions about a third party, or to foretell the future. I draw very specific boundaries for the use of this tool and if my intuition tells me not to answer a particular question, I will always trust my intuition. There are somethings we are better off not knowing.

CONSULTATIONS WITH PRmia CONTEMPLATION CARDS and PENDULUM ~  I have compiled the first 22 PRmia Trance Art drawings, into a deck, to be used for healing purposes. Since the beginning of my spiritual journey.... nearly 18 years ago, I have had a particular interest in spiritual, cultural and religious symbolism. The PRmia, show themselves to each individual, differently and the symbols they see help me to decipher clues that can bring healing, comfort, guidance, and inspiration. I will use a pendulum to help determine accuracy and give additional insight and will also utilize crystal energy, during these sessions