I LOVE sunflowers.... and bees!
I AM ~ a Love Worker, Service Provider, Healer and Intuitive Spiritual Advisor
I AM ~
Creative, in lots of different ways!
I AM ~ In Love with Nature and love taking pictures of Her.
Five Steps to Inner Peace
1) KNOW THAT WE ARE ALL ONE ~ The very essence of our Creator, is inherent within every molecule of creation. Should you choose to accept this you can see God in everything and harm nothing without knowing that you have harmed yourself and every other thing in creation. This acknowledgment alone, has the power to change the whole world.

2) KEEP YOUR FOCUS ON YOURSELF ~ The only thing you truly have control over is you. If you want your world to change, you must first change you.  In the famous words of Gandhi "Be the change you wish to see in your world."

3) STAY IN THE PRESENT ~ There is only one moment in time that you can do anything about. This one ~ the now. Leave the past where it is and use this moment, in a positive and constructive way, to create your future.

4) TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CONDITION OF YOUR LIFE ~ Take responsibility for the condition of your self and your environment by paying close attention to everything you think, hear, see, say and do. Thought, word and action are our tools of creation. When we use our tools in positive ways we create positive results. We also tend to express outwardly the things we allow ourselves to see and hear, so choose wisely as to what you allow into your personal environment.

5) HAVE FAITH! ~ Once you have mastered the previous four steps this one will require no effort at all. When we acknowledge that we are from Spirit, and of Spirit, and that Spirit is ALL there is, we realize that we have never and can never, be alone. Nothing we do or have ever done, can sever our connection to God. Heaven is right here, right now and hell can only exist if we deny that connection to ALL. With knowledge of our personal Divinity comes the ability and courage to achieve whatever we set our minds to... the power to create miracles! Miracles are the direct result of unlimited faith!
Early on my spiritual journey I was given the "Five Steps to Inner Peace". I know they are a gift from Spirit because they truly have brought me peace and have been the inspiration and motivation for this whole Mystical Moment adventure and my own personal healing process. They have become the rules I govern my life by so they say a lot about who I am and what motivates me.
A few more important tid-bits.......

Mystical Moment is the umbrella, under which all my other efforts have collected. It grew from a home-based, wholesale, handcrafted jewelry buisiness and one thing led to another to produce all that you see here today.

People often want to put an "s" on the end of Mystical Moment so I feel the need to point out that I was very deliberate in my choice to leave the "s" off.

The singular Mystical Moment refers to two things. I chose this name to honor my own personal ultimate Mystical Moment which was the life-changing
ONE in which I came to know that

I think it's important that we understand that there is truly only
ONE moment that matters.

I have created this page as a description of who I am discovering mySelf to BE
and an affirmation of who I AM becoming.

I AM ~ Angie Schuyler
I AM ~ A Work In Progress.

I AM ~ A Multi-Dimensional, Healing, Visionary, Artist and Mystic
Who feels herself to BE, ONE  with SOURCE and who recognizes SOURCE to be, 
The Ultimate Universal Force ~
*I put my heart and soul, into everything I do.
*I listen to my intuition, my spirit guides and my angels, above and before, all other sources of information.
I know my spiritual calling and will not foresake it, for anything.
I ALWAYS go where I am called
(although, sometimes, with great reluctance , for it often means I move out of the lives of people I hold dear)
All of my creations, visionary ideas, and services, are intended for the purpose of healing.
I AM ~ integrating Higher aspects of my BEing
I AM ~ growing and learning and healing, myself.
I AM ~
I AM ~ Learning to LOVE myself!
I AM ~
Learning new ways to BE in relationships
I AM ~
Strong in my FAITH
I AM ~ Open-hearted and welcoming, in my interactions with my others, as my magnetism guides me, into connections with like souls who share my calling and are wanting, as I am,  co-operative and collaborative, interaction.
I AM ~ quite often, on the leading edge of new trends. I have great visionary instincts, which I use for the Highest Good of ALL!
I AM ~ Peaceful, Joyful, Mindful and Positive