Perceptions and Reflections ~
Art for meditation, inspiration and activation

That title says everything, about what this art is intended for.

Perception, is as individual as each of us. Everyone sees something different, in this art, and in the world, and every point of view is acceptable and real.

The perception lesson, is two-fold. This art can also teach the lesson of flexibility of perception.  Each piece of art can be viewed, from every possible direction, and reveal completely new and unique features, to each beholder, but only if we are willing to let go of what we previously saw there. The ability to easily change our mind, is a useful skill.

Reflection, is shown in the things we see in the art. We each see what we need to see, for our own healing. The art reflects messages, from our soul. The things that show themselves to us, in the pictures, reveal to us a sign, a feeling, or a message, that can assist us on our path. This is also true as it relates to what we see in our world and in other people. What we see outside of us is a reflection of what is inside us. As we heal as individuals, we are doing the best thing we are capable of doing, on behalf of the whole.

meditatation while coloring, or just contemplating the art; reveals symbols, scenes, and feelings that are valuable clues to our spiritual and emotional states.

inspiration flows, once we open ourselves to the messages within the art.

activation of creative inspiration, is a side effect of simply observing and interacting with these drawings.

A talented author friend  wrote a fabulous article about this art. Niels Kunze has a firm grasp on what this artwork represents, how it came to be, and how it can be utilized for healing. I hope you will visit his blog and have a read.

"Where Art Thou" by Niels Kunze

A note from Angie about her colorable art....

The PRmia originals are created, while I am in a meditative state. I never go into a drawing with a plan. The overall shape is a random scribble which tends to fill itself in, with very little input from me. I focus on an area, about 2 inches square and don't look closely at the finished pieces, until I feel they are complete.
People of all ages enjoy them, if just to meditate on or play seek-and-find with. You don't have to color them to experience their benefit. Just look at them and make note of the things you see. It is challenging and entertaining, to make up stories about the characters that appear.  It is a fun and healthy way to pass time, and sooth frazzled nerves.
Kids enjoy the seek-and-find activity, as well as the coloring.
These drawings can, and should be, turned in every direction, revealing an entirely new image, from every angle.
AN ANSWER TO A PRAYER ~The inspiration for this art was given to me as an answer to a prayer. I asked to be inspired with a lucrative creative endeavor, that I could do anywhere, anytime, and with minimal and very portable supplies. I made this request so that I could retire early, and travel.

This dream is coming true. I am out on the road now and offering house/pet sitting along with other services as I move around and promote my art. For more info on my services please have a look at the Good Vibes page.

Drawing is only one of my creative and marketable talents. I also have my handcrafted jewelry and orgonite to show and crystals, to sell, as well.
I am seeking out house/pet-sitting jobs, in metaphysically minded, healing and  artistic communities. This will provide me lodging while I make sales calls, and  take part in art shows/fairs and give PRmia parties and workshops, in that area.

I am offering coloring parties, and trance art workshops  The coloring parties have 2 possible formats. One is just coloring, with very little commentary from me, except to explain the art and how it came to be. The second, coloring party  format, is about teaching how to use the art for healing. The Trance Art Workshops will alllow each participant to learn how to produce their own drawings to allow   spiritual messages to emerge from within .

Get a personal drawing, done especially for you!
If you are interested in having me create a PRmia Drawing, just for you, please email me, by clicking the E-mail Me button above. Please include "PRmia Personal Drawing" in the subject line.

The small pictures above, are thumbnail images of  44 pieces of my art. I have more than 100 drawings, in total.
These are only the ones included in my first 2 coloring books.
Please click on each thumbnail, to see a larger image.
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Read an article, written by Niels Kunze, about the PRmia art.  Where Art Thou
2016 Mystical Moment
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I am seeking opportunities to use my PRmia art, in speaking to groups of all ages, about Perceptions and Reflections, as explained in the box below.
Great for birthdays or just a fun get-together!
I am using this deck, in my own Intuitive Wisdom Sessions and getting familiar with how they work, before I have them reproduced.
I want to be able to, at least, write a booklet of clear guidelines and perhaps even add text, pertaining to each image.
In the meantime, you can see them in action by scheduling an Intuitive Wisdom Session .