I got my icons today!!! Thanks, Angie, they are fantastic. You did a wonderful job. Each one I held, looked at and waited for it to tell me where to put it in my house.

Let me know what you think.
Everything in the universe,  is energy.
Energy cannot be created or destroyed. However it can be transformed.
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Vitality Icons

A great  place to start if you want to change your life is to learn about energy and how to harness, transform and transmit it.
OrgoneART Vitality Icons are inspired by a man-made concoction called orgonite. Wilhelm Reich, a close associate of Sigmund Freud in the 1920's, was an Austrian-American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who coined the word "orgone" as a descriptor of the universal life force energy which pervades all things.  He invented the orgone accumulator and the orgone generator which in turn inspired the creation of orgonite.  Orgonite is a combination of clear quartz crystal along with brass, aluminum and copper which are embedded in resin.

Some of its uses are to bring calm in times of stress; to increase energy, to enhance mental performance and to protect against damaging electromagnetic frequencies(EMF's).

Electromagnetic fields are part of our daily lives. They are caused by alternating current (AC). Any plug or wire carrying a current produces an electromagnetic field. Cell phones and computers create a great abundance of this damaging energy. AC current causes adverse effects in our bodies at a cellular level. Our cells expend energy to protect themselves from these fields. This drains us and leads to fatigue; this can especially affect children while they are in their formative years.

Vitality Icons are functional art intended to utilize the protective properties of orgonite while being enhanced by the additional healing energies of stones, crystals and iconic symbolism. They are comforting to touch and hold and pleasing to the eye. Holding them in times of stress can calm you and contemplating their contents can clear your mind and open you to creative inspiration.
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This is a List of  All Available Vitality Icon Shapes

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